23 August 2011

American Girl in Italy

image via Ruth Orkin
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18 August 2011

Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

So I've been marinating with this idea for a while now. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit, but I really started thinking about this after hearing a high school commencement speech in June. The student said, "Start being comfortable with being uncomfortable." Genius! This 17 or 18 year old kid pretty much described what it's like to grow (up). 

I can't tell you how many times I didn't do something because I was uncomfortable with it. Not uncomfortable because it was illegal or immoral, but uncomfortable because it was unfamiliar or its outcome uncertain. What I can tell you is that every major decision or action I've taken that has resulted in some type of growth was taken despite my discomfort. Moving to Europe. Signing up for that first yoga class. Student teaching. All decisions and actions taken despite unfamiliarity and uncertainty.

As I enter into this second quarter of life I find myself whispering, "be comfortable with being uncomfortable." It's the only way to grow!

16 August 2011

Everything is Always Greener...

A few clips from a family trip to CO.

13 August 2011

"The Dude"

Have you ever seen The Big Lebowski? It really is one of my all time favorites. I mean, you can't really go wrong with Jeff Bridges and John Goodman! For those of you who haven't seen this cult classic, Jeff Bridges plays a character called Jeffrey Lebowski (aka The Dude). Throughout the film, The Dude enjoys a few (or many) White Russian cocktails.

This recipe is actually inspired by a milkshake from Little Bigs in Houston, Texas. It's amazing!

two ounces Vodka
two ounces Kahlua
two scoops Vanilla Ice Cream
Blend and enjoy one-two servings of adults only delicious goodness.

"The Dude abides."

Surfboard Racks

New home improvement project: get the surfboards off the floor! Now the question is, what to put underneath them?
(ugh, these white walls are so blah)

Hand Embroidered

I'm in love with this pillow! I wish they had an Orange County dish towel.
image via catstudio
Thanks for the heads up, A Cup of Joe!


Patti McGee via Vanda Vintage

03 August 2011

Happy Birthday Dodo

There's no one else I'd rather share a happy meal with!

I'm doing laundry and packing...exciting, eh? Well, it is exciting! The man and I are heading up north tomorrow. But, what's really exciting is why we're headed up north: my lifelong friend is getting married! So happy for you, K!

01 August 2011

Farfalle Dish

E.V. Olive Oil + Garlic + Sausage + Flat Leaf Parsley + Farfalle + Romano = Yum!
ps: My new favorite kitchen tool is this little guy.
pps: Did you know farfalle is Italian for butterfly?