28 November 2010

Yoga en la playa

poses via me/images via CM/setting via Mexico

24 November 2010

Thanks for 2010

I am thankful for...
1. my loved ones
2. laughter
3. yoga
4. my students
5. Tom Robbins
6. nutella
7. j.crew
8. Giada de Laurentiis
9. the Pacific Ocean
10. NPR

Headed South

I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving. I will be giving thanks south of the border this year. Besos!

image via Jose Villa

California's Gold (Napa)

19 November 2010

Headed North

Packing for a much anticipated mother-daughter-friends weekend in SF/Napa!

image via mary ruffle

17 November 2010

Pink Martini to the Rescue

I have to admit that I have been in a sort of denial about the 2010 holiday season. I was almost upset that a neighbor put up his Christmas lights last weekend! Is Thanksgiving really only a week away? I cannot believe this year is coming to a close.

Well, this morning it all shifted. I walked into Starbucks and ordered my first "seasonal" beverage. While waiting for the steaming spiced latte, I noticed the "Joy to the World" Pink Martini album resting on the counter. After the fortunate experience of seeing Pink Martini in concert in April, I now consider myself to be a serious fan of their work (ahem, musical genius). This holiday album does not disappoint. Per Pink Martini usual it is multicultural (I mean...ten languages and a Spanish Chanukah song, Ocho Kandelikas!) and full of the most beautiful rhythms and vocals (China Forbes is my hero). I cannot help the cliche...dancing shoes required.

I am now officially in the spirit of the season! In fact, I kind of want to throw a holiday party JUST so I can play this album! Thank you Starbucks and Pink Martini!

Click if you'd like to hear Pink Martini

12 November 2010

The Style of Music

How cool are these!?

11 November 2010

Why I Practice

“You take away all the styles, all the different schools of yoga, and everyone essentially practices for the same reason--to become their fullest as a human being." 
John Friend

image via Kathryn Budig

07 November 2010