25 November 2009


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you'll be able to share tomorrow with those you love. I'm headed up to Santa Barbara for some extended family time! (gobble gobble)

image via UM Archives

21 November 2009


I've been meaning to try a recipe from the Smitten Kitchen, and decided this silky smooth pumpkin pie would be the one! The pie looked and smelled amazing coming out of the oven last night (and tasted even better this morning!)...Thanksgiving test-run success!

image via Smitten Kitchen

19 November 2009

Yellow Hawk Prayer

O our Father the Sky, hear us and make us strong.

O our Mother the Earth, hear us 
and give us support.

O Spirit of the East, 
send us your Wisdom.

O Spirit of the South, 
may we tread your path of life.

O Spirit of the West, 
may we always be ready for the long journey.

O Spirit of the North, purify us 
with your cleansing winds.

18 November 2009

Fall Colors

Found a second or two to reflect on my long weekend in NYC. I really don't think I've ever experienced Fall colors as beautiful as the vibrant rusts and golds of Central Park! (Although I hate to admit it, So. California is definitely devoid of any serious seasonal changes.)

17 November 2009

Travel Day

Exhausted from a very long day of travel, and having mixed feelings about being home. What does "home" really mean...when you're not with the one you love?

11 November 2009


I decided to make dinner last night (As if the looming case study, Friere paper and packing weren't enough to keep me busy!). Well, olive oil+ground turkey+garlic+cabernet+tomatoes+peas+basil+whole wheat pasta turned out pretty yummy!

09 November 2009


I consider myself to be a pretty decent packer (I once fit all of my clothes, cameras, etc. + six pairs of shoes in a carry-on sized suitcase!), but packing for five late-autumn days in the big city is proving to be a bit of a challenge! Life would be much easier if the airlines didn't charge for every checked bag.

thanks for the heads up, yes, please!

A Liberal Education

"We need to say no to the neoliberal fatalism that we are witnessing at the end of this century, informed by the ethics of the market, an ethics in which a minority makes most profits against the lives of the majority. In other words, those who cannot compete, die. This is a perverse ethics that, in fact, lacks ethics. I insist on saying that I continue to be human...I would then remain the last educator in the world to say no: I do not accept...history as determinism. I embrace history as possibility [where] we can demystify the evil in this perverse fatalism..."
Paulo Friere

07 November 2009

Warm Pears

It's official, I'm head over heels in love with Gina's work at Warm Pears. I have a certain affinity for all things Firenze, but her work is just over the top amazing! (Gina, can I be you when I grow up?) I just purchased one of her fine art prints of the Ponte Vecchio, and am VERY excited for its arrival...honestly, now I'm thinking I might need a few more! xo

images via Warm Pears

06 November 2009


I can remember some of my very first experiences with a Polaroid...shaking those little guys like crazy until an image appeared. It really is the epitome of instant gratification! Well, how fun is this website? Turn all of your digital photos into Polaroid-like images!

Thanks for the heads up, point and blog!

02 November 2009


I would love to come home to either of these beautiful entryways any day!

image via Sarah Jurado and vagabond bond (one of my very favorite websites!)

Follow Up

A quick follow up on the Halloween costume creation...apparently I wasn't the only one with this idea!